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Mt Zion Coventry Assembly is a community based church. We are part of it, live in it and our passion is to uplift everyone within it. Our drive is to be relevant in the place where we are.

Mt. Zion Youth #Fusion

Who we are

We are a locally-based community club that provides support to BAME youth through a series of online programs. We were featured on the BBC Radio afternoon show with Trish Adudu CWR for the sterling community work.

Online Sessions

We have been running online sessions every fortnight featuring different speakers teaching participants how to cope with stress, mental health awareness, career guidance spotlights, and fitness programs. Exciting games such quiz, scavenger hunts, charades included during the sessions made them very popular and this has helped to curb isolation and reduce loneliness.

Virtual session
young people

Community Grant

The local community support group is grateful after being awarded a £9,985 community project grant to use over a twelve-month period through the National Lottery funding to support its work in promoting social cohesion by developing youth-related programs within the community. The funding received from The National Lottery Community Fund for good causes has benefited the likes of community clubs such as Mt Zion Vibes Youth Club continue to provide support to the young people at a critical time when most youth centers are closed.

The Team

Mt Zion Youth Vibes is run by a team of passionate and dedicated volunteers with different expertise and backgrounds that include youth workers, social work, health, education, education, law & support workers.



Mt. Zion has programs of helping community members affected by the impact of COVID-19 and it's after effects. The majority of them live under the poverty datum line and some are now resorting to food banks, overdrafts and loans.

We're currently coordinating efforts to reduce poverty by organizing food banks and carrying out awareness campaigns to assist those in need. The funds will make a huge difference and plug the hole especially in the borough.

This is achieved through the following:


Providing family groceries (Feed a Family For A Tenner)

Healthy Eating

Providing Ingredients For Families To Eat Healthy Meals on A budget (Provide Ingredients & recipes)


Food & dry goods collection to refugee places & disadvantaged people

Money Sense

Money Sense Seminars Covering Topics Like

- How To Do Budgeting

- Teaching People on the Dangers of Credit cards and Loans or (Simply How to manage them)

Get In Touch

You can reach out to Fusion on Instagram or through our contact uis page.

Key Contacts

  • Project Coordinator: Dr Rutendo Ganyani   07891941726

  • Project Manager: Dr Nomatter Sande 07761653988